Financial Aid Policy

Students should be aware of all financial aid policies that govern their eligibility to receive federal student aid. Several important financial aid policies are outlined below and are sent to students email account each semester.For questions or concerns about this temporary IRS Data Retrieval Tool outage, please contact the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at 410-891-2514

Attendance Policy for Financial Aid

The schools  Procedure for Student Attendance outlines the student attendance requirements that each student must follow. Students should become familiar with and adhere to these requirements to comply with federal regulations governing attendance. This procedure is applied to all credit / clock hour courses whether or not student financial aid funds have been utilized to pay for the course(s). Failure to comply with attendance procedures may result in course being dropped for non-attendance.

Financial Aid Manual Online:

The school is required to ensure that students receive financial aid only for the courses that they attend and complete. Students who are reported as Non-Attendance will be dropped from the course by the 16th day of the semester. Students for whom attendance is not reported will have all financial aid funds held until attendance has been reported in all registered courses.

Eligibility for federal student financial aid is, in part, based on your enrollment status for the session in which you are enrolled. Federal regulations require that students attend all registered classes in order to receive federal financial aid funds. Students who register for courses but do not attend will be reported for non-attendance by IOHS  faculty. Your financial aid will be adjusted to reflect your financial aid eligibility only for those classes that you attend. Students who do not attend classes for the entire term are required to withdraw from the courses.

Students who attend a course and cease attendance at a later point, may be required to repay all or a portion of financial aid due to the student’s failure to complete the course. Further, students who are withdrawn for courses due to non-attendance, as reported by the instructor, must obtain permission from the instructor to re-enroll in a course.

Students can view reported attendance in their portal page. If your attendance is not reported by the 15th day of the semester, your financial aid will be held until your instructor confirms your attendance. Financial aid funds are applied to students’ accounts on the 35th day of each enrolled course.

Repeated Courses and Financial Aid

In general, students may not  repeat a course in which a grade of B, C, D, E, P, NP or F has been previously earned. When an identical course is repeated, the highest grade will be used in computing the cumulative GPA (note, however, that all grades remain posted on the official student transcript). Pass/No Pass courses are not counted toward GPA calculations therefore the Pass/No Pass option cannot be used when repeating a course. Credit for courses will be awarded only once in the semester in which the highest grade was awarded for the course, unless the course description specifically states that additional credit may be earned.

Federal financial aid funds may not  be used to repeat previously passed courses, for which students have already received credit. For example, if you have passed a course with a grade of D and have received credit for the course, you may not repeat the course. You may be required to retake the course as many times as necessary to achieve a C grade in order to advance to the level course, but you will not receive financial aid for the same course more than one time , for which you have received credit.

Your financial aid award will be calculated based on your eligible financial aid coursework excluding non-repeated courses. If you have student loans, you will have to be enrolled in at least six (6) credits non-repeated coursework to receive your student loan and to be eligible for your work-study awards.

Further, if you have not passed a course by receiving an F or WF grade or withdrawn (W) from a course and have not received credit, you will be able to receive financial aid to repeat the course, provided you are in compliance with the College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Financial Aid Award Year

Fall Semester will be the start of the financial aid award year. Students should complete the 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at to be considered for federal financial aid for the Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019 semesters. This includes all federal financial aid programs, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant, Federal Work-Study and Federal Student Loans.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal regulations require that students “make measurable progress towards completion of their course of study” in order to continue to remain eligible for federal aid. IOHS reviews the academic progress of all students and notifies students receiving federal financial aid each semester of their status. This includes students who have received or are applying for the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work-Study and Federal Student Loans.

Financial aid students are required to maintain to meet ALL of the following to continue receiving federal financial aid:

  • Maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher;
  • Complete at least 67% of all courses attempted;
  • Meet all  requirements within 150% of the published credits required for the program.Failure to maintain compliance with these standards may result in loss or disqualification for future federal financial aid. Student Financial Aid & Scholarships reviews the academic progress of all students at the end of each semester, including summer. Students that become ineligible for financial aid will be notified. Please note: students that are either missing a grade(s) or have a grade(s) of ‘I’ as part of their academic history cannot have an accurate SAP Status determined and therefore will have financial aid eligibility suspended until the grade(s) have been recorded and the SAP status determined.

Students should review and be familiar with IOHS  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to ensure compliance.

Financial Aid Disbursement Policy

Based on the session for which you are enrolled, your financial aid will be applied to your IOHS student account 35 days after the start of each session. For more information about when financial aid funds are released for the semester, students can view this link or check the Important Dates for all financial aid dates for the 2018-2019 academic year.

NOTE: Fourteen days after financial aid funds are applied to your IOHS student account, a refund will be sent via the method that you selected.

Book Account Credit Line

At the start of each session, Bookstore Accounts are established on your account for  use in the Reitenhoouse stores for students who have a finalized financial aid award and who will have federal financial aid in excess of at least $100 above tuition and fee costs. To learn more about how to use Book Account, you can get more information on the Book Accounts – FAQ.

IOHS  does not participate as a home school for the purposes of financial aid and therefore does not allow IOHS students to receive financial aid awards for courses not taken at IOHS.

Withdrawal Policy

The Withdrawal and Repayment Policy for Financial Aid outlines your financial responsibility should you change your enrollment status. Students who are considering withdrawing from all classes should contact both the Student Financial Aid & Scholarship Office and Enrollment Center to determine how a change in enrollment status will affect their aid eligibility. Because financial aid funds are paid based on a student’s attendance, any change in status, including a leave of absence, may require a student to repay federal financial aid funds already received. The school understands that unforeseen events may occur in student’s lives that result in a student’s withdrawal from school. Due to these situations, it is very important that students understand this policy and follow the appropriate steps to withdraw when necessary. Withdrawals may also impact students’ future eligibility for federal financial aid funds regardless of the reason for withdrawal. Students enrolled in certain health careers programs should work with the academic department regarding specific leave of absence procedures.

If I drop a course or withdraw, what will happen to my financial aid?
Non-Institutional Charges Policy

A student has the right to authorize IOHS to use their federal financial aid award to assist with the costs of such non-institutional charges as parking or library fines, as well as other charges that are applied to their student account. Each student is asked to accept or decline this right during the initial application process and may rescind the decision at any time in writing to the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. The Non-Institutional Charges Form is required to be able to make charges, such as books, meal plans, bus passes, and vending, to your student account.

Quality Assurance Policy

Institute of Health Sciences  participates in the U.S. Department of Education’s Quality Assurance program. As a result, a student may be asked at any time during the term to provide income and household information. If there are differences between your FAFSA application and the documents provided, IOHS will make appropriate adjustments to your information. These adjustments may impact your current financial aid award(s). Failure to submit the requested materials may result in repayment of all federal funds.

Student Financial Aid Newsletter
How to reach us

To obtain information about applying for financial aid, graduation and completion rates, security policies, and crime statistics about IOHS, enrolled and prospective students may seek assistance from any Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Office or Enrollment Center from the school during posted business hours.

Information may also be obtained within the school catalog on all policies.

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