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Staying abreast of the latest in medical prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management is an integral part of the student experience. To assist you, our clinical affiliated hospitals offer both weekly case review and monthly grand rounds that our students may attend, as well as periodic conferences and symposiums for physicians and students during their clinical rotations. Programs are taught by attending specialists at the institution, as well as visiting professionals.

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Record Review of EEG Tracings (MP4)
Peter W. Kaplan, MBBS FAAN
Professor of Neurology John Hopkins


Lecture: Record Review of EEG Tracings.

Course: IOHS Neurodianostic Technology 301

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Pediatric EEG (MP4)
Dr. Eric Kossoff
Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics
John Hopkins University


Lecture: Pediatric EEG, From Neonates to Toddlers

Course : Neurodiagnostics Technology

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