Licensing Map

IOHS State Approval for Long Distance Education

State licensing boards provide oversight for state regulatory approval, if required, of an institution’s programs that lead to a license or certificate. When the program’s activities are offered to students outside of the state (Maryland) where the institution is physically located ,  the institution must determine if additional program approval is required in that state where the student is located. The state licensing boards serve an important role in protecting the public by ensuring that education standards are met in order to produce competent professionals. Professions and states vary, and states will require that the student complete a program approved by that state’s licensing board.  The map below allows the student or any interested individual to identify the individual states that the Institute of Health Science has been licensed / or has been granted an exemption to provide long distance education within that state.

Select (click) the state icon below for IOHS licensing information in your state. Additional information or questions will be answered by calling the school sdmission office at 410-891-2514.