Faculty & Staff

The Institute of Health Sciences tradition of academic and clinical excellence has been made possible by its outstanding community of faculty and staff. The school is unique in that they can  boast of faculty who are as expert and active in clinical practice as they are in educating future technologists. As a result, students gain valuable clinical experience in neurology centers or faculty practice sites, including major medical centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Institute of Health Sciences

Richard L. Trader Sr. MMsc PA-C FCCM
Richard Trader received his Master’s Degree in Medical Science from the International University of Health Sciences, School of Medicine. He practiced as a  Board Certified Physician Associate with a Specialty Board Certification in Surgery and Critical Care Medicine.  An Elected Fellow in the Society of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) and member of the American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM).

Neurodiagnostic Technology

Kellee Trice, BS R.EEG/EP.T RPSGT
Kellee Trice is an ABRET Board-Certified EEG, EP Technologist and Board-Certified Polysomnography Technologist. Received her Bachelor degree in Health Science from Widener University.

Lynn Kuser-Trader, BS RN CCRN
Lynn Kuser-Trader is a Registered Critical Care Nurse. She Received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Towson University.

Co-Medical Director
NDT Technology Program

Richard L. Taylor, M.D., F.A.A.N.,
Medical Director Clinical Neurophysiology
Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Richard Taylor attended the Johns Hopkins University and the University Of Maryland, where he received his Medical Doctor Degree. He is a board Certified Neurologist.

CO-Medical Director NDT Technology
Peter Kaplan, MBBS F.A.A.N
Professor of Neurology John Hopkins
Dr. Peter Kaplan received his Doctor in Medicine degree from St. Bartholomew’s Medical School, University of London. He is Director of the EEG/Epilepsy Program, and a Board Certified Neurologist.

Adjunct Faculty NDT Technology
Denise L. Bates, MBA/HCM, DHAc, R. EP T, CNIM

Denise Bates has a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is in her third year as a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix for Health Care Administration.

Adjunct Faculty NDT Technology
Justin Silverstein, DHSc, CNIM, R.EPT, R.NCS.T, CNCT, NCT-C
Justin Silverstein received his Masters of Science in Management from Phoenix University, and Master’s of Science in Psychology. He is a Registered Nerve Conduction Technologist and Certified Neuromonitoring Technologist.

Adjunct Faculty NDT Technology
Marjorie Tucker, BS, R.EEG/EP T., CNIM. CLTM, R.NCS
Marjorie Tucker received her Graduate Degree and BA Degree in Management from Ashworth College.

Adjunct Faculty NDT Technology
Glenna Carroll REEG.T
Glenna Carroll is a Registered EEG.T Technologist and Registered Polysomnography Technician.

Adjunct Faculty NDT Technology
Tashina Clancy R.EEG T
Tashina Clancy received her Certificate in Neurodiagnostic Technology from Carnegie Institute and AA degree from Corinthian College. She is a Registered EEG T.

Adjunct Faculty NDT Technology
Jada Franck, R.EEG T, CNIM
Jada Franck received her AAS degree from Kirkwood College in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology and Bachelor’s degree from Ashworth College.