Financial Services

Tuition Policy

The tuition for the programs are based on program length and includes academic and clinical fees. IOHS offers financial aid and specific school loans. The loan can be adjusted to coincide with federal or institutional reimbursement periods. Please check with the registrar office to discuss all funding.

Student Loans

The most important word here is “loan.” If you accept federal financial aid in the form of either a subsidized or unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan, it is a loan. You will be required to repay this loan once you have completed your degree program. Even if you withdraw from IOHS, you will be required to pay back any loan funds you borrow. Before you apply for aid, consider how you plan to repay the loans. Remember that all loans, including federal loans have to repaired and you must be prepared to repay it whether you graduate or not.

Financial Responsibility

A student who does not follow the conditions of an arrangement to pay shall not be entitled to attend classes, take examinations or do other work for credit. No grade or credit will be given for any work done during the semester to which there is a loan default. Any registration or advance registration for a subsequent semester will be canceled. The student will not be permitted to return to the school until the student (1)  makes and follows the conditions of a satisfactory arrangement to pay, and (2) is readmitted to the school by the IOHS School Director.

Overview: Private (Alternative) Student Loans (pdf) and downloadable: Private Lending Brochure (pdf) from the State of Maryland Higher Education Commission.

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