Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions you may have about the admissions process, academic planning, financial aid and our online programs. You will also see a link for additional Neurodiagnostic program answers. Of course, if you don’t find the answer you need here, feel free to contact us (see the right side form) and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Online Courses

Q. Do online courses begin and end at different times than regular on-campus courses?
A. Yes : Online courses are given at various times based during the school year and based on a quarterly module.

Q. Do online courses have final exams, just like regular on-campus courses?
A. Yes: During the week of final exams, your online instructor will let you know if you will be taking an exam online and the date of the exam. Please review your syllabus.

Q. Can I submit my work whenever I am ready?
A. No: Online courses have weekly schedules and due dates for readings, postings, and tests. Your instructor will let you know what to do each week and you will have to submit work on a regular, weekly basis, just like a class on campus.

Q. Do I have to be online at the same time as everyone else in class?
A. Maybe: Some online instructors use the live chat function of Moodle to hold office hours or conduct live class forums online. Your instructor will make you aware of any requirement to be online at a certain date and time.

Q. Are online courses easier than on-campus courses?
A. No: The content of online courses is identical to that of on-campus classes. In fact, they require more discipline and maybe even more time, because students have to read the material and keep up with the coursework and writing assignments.

Q. Does it take a certain type of student to do well in an online course?
A. Yes! Online learning is not for everyone. We know from research that students who are independent learners, highly motivated, disciplined, and good time managers perform well in an online course.

Q. Do I need to have a computer background to take an online course?
A. No, however online students need to be able to perform the following tasks comfortably:

  • Send and receive e-mails
  • Use computer based Course Management System (Taught by School)
  • Send and open e-mail attachments (Word files)
  • Use Videoconferencing system ( taught by school)
  • Use Microsoft Word and PDF files.
  • Manage files in Word and PDF
  • Function in online library databases
  • Perform basic research on the Internet
  • Be able to use a browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.

Q. Can I use a program other than Microsoft Office and Word to submit my work?
A. No. Students must have access to Microsoft Office and Word in order to complete writing assignments for distance learning courses. They may have access from their own home computers, through work, or by using a university student computer lab. Instructors do not have to accept student work that is not completed in Microsoft Word.