About IOHS

The Institute of Health Sciences (IOHS) is a Nationally Accredited private allied health school located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The school is an accredited long distance school by the US Department of Education for financial aid. The individual medical programs provide medical internships at prestigious medical institutions throughout the US. The administrative offices are located at 11031 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031.

Telephone: 410-891-2514 /888-393-3750

Since the school operates as a blended long distance educational provider, the faculty, students and diagnostic equipment are not located within the school facility. Students receive didactic instruction on-line through Blackboard , a web based course management system, which allows for 24/7 access to classes and materials. In addition, students receive resident clinical training at a local accredited neurology laboratory near them.

The school has a distinguished faculty and advisory committee consisting of physicians, technologists and lay personnel. With numerous clinical affiliations across the US that include academic medical centers, community hospitals, and neurology centers, the school is committed to preparing its graduates to deliver patient-centered care as valued members of the health care team.

Job Placement Rates: What They Really Mean

When considering a school, it’s a good idea to ask about the school’s job placement rates. But because of how schools calculate or report their placement rates, the numbers can be misleading or confusing. To help you compare job placement stats, we’ve decoded a few key terms schools use to describe job placement numbers so you can know what they really mean.

Placed vs. employed.

“Placed” often means that a student either has gotten a job or been accepted to graduate school. Basically, it means students have achieved their goal of either working or starting an advanced degree program. “Employed” is more specific and includes only students who have gotten a job, not students who are in graduate school.

Employed vs. employed in field of study.

If a job placement rate at one school states “90 percent of graduates are employed within six months of graduation” and another says “84 percent of graduates are employed in their field of study within six months of graduation,” which is better? In this case, the 84 percent is better, because students “employed in their field of study” are employed in the career field they went to school for.

If a statistic says just “employed,” it means the students have jobs, but the jobs may not necessarily be related to the students’ field of study. For example, “employed” could mean a music education major has a job as a cashier at a local department store, while “employed in their field of study” means the music education major has a job teaching music.

Time period of the statistic.

Some schools report job placement rates of students upon graduation (which means students have jobs before they graduate), within six months of graduation or within one year of graduation. If the school’s job placement rate doesn’t have a time frame, ask an admission officer about the time frame the statistic covers.

Terminology represented in IOHS stats

Total Numbers of Graduate Students Employed in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Students Employed in their Field of Study and surveyed within three months of graduation.

As you look for and compare job placement rates, keep in mind that schools don’t always collect job placement information in the same ways.