Admissions Requirements

1. Prospective students must be 18 years of age within 6 months of entering the program.

2. As part of your application for entrance to the school, applicants are required to submit a completed Health Declaration letter and Immunization records to the school. This information can be acquired from your medical providers, and are required to attest to your physical ability to enter the END Technology program.

  • In addition, a pregnant student is required to obtain a separate health clearance letter signed by her obstetrician to gain entrance to the Electroneurodiagnostic Technology program.
  • Students are required to carry a student health care insurance policy while in school. This policy can be purchased online through various companies.  A web link may be found online at the school web site.

3. An approved clinical affiliate (CA) site must be available for the student to be placed in a clinical practicum prior to admission or re-admission to the program. The student must interview with the clinical site and be accepted prior to admission or re-admission to the IOHS program.

4. Applicant is required to have a dedicated access to a broadband Internet-connected computer with audio capabilities and speakers for video/pod casts, at least during program hours. The prospective student is required to demonstrate the knowledge and computer skills necessary to succeed in a distance–learning environment. Computer competency will be verified by the required course for admission “Strategies for Success”. Applicant is required to have ready access to a facsimile machine available and Internet e-mail account for receiving and transmitting documents.

5. Students are required to furnish evidence of completion of high school to be granted admission to the END Technology program. A high school diploma or its equivalent, the GED is required. Documentation of the GED and or High School Diploma may be required by the financial aid office.

  • Achievement at the 50th percentile (or greater) is required for applicants with a General Educational Development equivalency diploma (GED).
  • School preparatory background, including one year of math (requires algebra I and either geometry or algebra II) and one life science with laboratory component (requires                 biology or chemistry) are helpful for admission but not mandatory.
  • Applicants whose native language is not English and who have not graduated from American high schools but have a post-secondary degree from American schools, must achieve no less than 550 (paper) or 213 (computer) on the Test of English, as a  Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination.

6.  Applicants are required to provide a current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from a licensed provider, such as the American Heart Association or American Red Cross, prior to their internship rotations.

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