Enrollment Requirements

The following are requirements  for attending the Institute of Health Sciences Neurodiagnostic Program :

  • Student Application and Disclosures
  • Physician Clearance
  • A Background and Drug Screening
  • High School Diploma/GED Verification Statement
  • Arrangement of Clinical Rotation & Interview
  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Financial Aid Packaging if needed.

Enrollment Process

Institute of Health Science only admits persons who have a high school diploma, or its recognized equivalent, or persons who are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in their state. An admissions staff member will have an interview with each applicant and discuss the schools specific requirements. Each applicant must successfully complete the entrance requirements..

The school reserves the right to reject a student previously accepted if the required admission items listed are not completed or received as understood.

All students are required to provide a High School Diploma/ GED Verification/Attestation at the time of enrollment. A signed attestation can serve as verification that the student has completed the educational requirement for admission to the school if all avenues for documentation of a high school diploma have been exhausted by the student and school to locate a copy.

Admission to the school is conditioned upon the applicant’s providing accurate and current admissions information and upon the applicant’s updating such data if circumstances arise that makes the previously provided information inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete. Final acceptance of the applicant into the END Technology program is contingent on  the telephone / video interview, a completion of the admission requirements, background and drug screening and availability of an accredited clinical rotation site . You must also  be have an acceptance recommendation from the admission committee

The Electroneurodiagnostic Technology application requires you to submit materials and official transcripts from various sources to the registrar of Institute of Health Sciences School through the  e-mail mail or fax. Some institutions will not release official transcripts to students. In that case, the transcripts and other data should be sent directly from the issuing institution to the registrar office. A financial aid package will be discussed with the prospective student based on need.

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