Upon matriculation an official immunization record must be presented to the school . Students can obtain these records from primary care provider’s offices, previously attended schools, or State Immunization Registries.

Failure to submit necessary documentation may delay registration for classes. Students must provide documentation of the following vaccinations:  For students who have had chickenpox disease, vaccine is not needed. However, documentation such as a Health Department form, signed statement, or Immunization Registry record noting history of disease must be submitted in place of vaccination dates. A form for this purpose is available at the IOHS website. Based on state laws governing medical students and school policy, students are required to provide documentation of the following as part of their entrance requirements. Individual institutions (clinical sites) may include additional testing for Covid-19 As of this date (November 1, 2021) you must check with the internship site on their requirements for vaccination or testing prior to visiting their site.

We believe that vaccination is the best way for us to protect ourselves and keep one another safe. We will track the vaccination status for each student and employee to make informed decisions on future health and safety protocols.

  • at least one dose of mumps and rubella vaccine(s) given at or after 12 months of age;
  • two doses of live measles-containing vaccine given at least one month apart beginning at or after 12 months of age;
  • a booster dose of Td (Tetanus/diphtheria) within the last ten years; and
  • 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine
  • TB Test must be negative and one year of employment or internship. If positive must be cleared by a licensed health care provider. Students are also required to present proof of vaccination or immunity to chicken pox along with a negative PPD (Tuberculosis Test) or chest X-ray. In the case of measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B, the student may present laboratory evidence of immunity. You may get this information from your health care provider and you are required to provide this information as part of your entrance application.
  • The health provider should provide the IMR information to the Registrar at Institute of Health Sciences, 11031 McCormick Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031. The school reserves the right to release all health records to clinical sites.

For students who have had chickenpox disease, vaccine is not needed. However, documentation such as a Health Department form, signed statement, or Immunization Registry record noting history of disease must be submitted in place of vaccination dates. A form for this purpose is available at the IOHS website.

An exemption for one or more immunizations based on medical or religious reasons can be obtained. An exemption form must be completed and submitted in lieu of vaccination records to the student health center. This form is available at the IOHS website. The allied health students should check prior to their clinical rotation on whether the site will allow them to enter without certain vaccinations.